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We have helped companies like yours to specialize, preserve their investments threatened by # covid19 and increase revenues! Find how!

Thanks to the control and natural managementof the pH, the Cuomo Method® guarantees a safe maturation.
In fact, university studies show that meat maturated with Stagionello® Meat Maturing Device not only safe but also able to cure.

During le Lock Down large investments made in raw materials was put at risk. With the Cuomo Method® every risk becomes a great opportunity. Keep maturing your meat to up to 180 days safely!

Integrated CIP (Cleaning in Place) system as required by law capable of washing and sanitizing to sanitize your #covidfree system

Technically advanced and with interconnected services, therefore complying with all Industry 4.0 requirements and with access to the economic incentives provided.

Patent and Method No. EP2769276B1 recognized by the European Patent Office and No. AC2852650 recognized by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office


Teca Piena total rit.jpg

Maturmeat® Teca 150 Kg Ilario

L 100 P 87.5 H 170 Cm

Maturmeat® 100 Kg Color 4 Vetri

L 73 P 78.5 H 220 Cm

Maturmeat® 150 Kg Color 4 Vetri

L 90.5 P 78.5 H 220 Cm

Maturmeat® 200 Kg Color 4 Vetri

L 146.5 P 78.5 H 220 Cm

Maturmeat® 600 Kg Color 4 Vetri

L 255 P 115  H 256.5 Cm

Maturmeat® 1200 Kg Color 4 Vetri

L 215,0 P 255,0  H 256,5 Cm

Why choose Stagionello® Meat Maturing Device?
Device Patent and European Method for Maturation No. EP2769276B1
Integrated Controlled Humidification
Fumotic® flavoring
Double water tank and mains connection
License to use the Meat Maturation Method
Integrated and automatic washing and sanitizing
IOT control with GSM remote data connection system
Centralized Remote Assistance Service (MI)

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